27 September 2010


i.LOVE.food. There is no doubt about it... i'm a little bit obssessed!

I love thinking about food | I love writing about food | I love talking about food | I love eating food | I love photographing food | I love creating new recipies | I love following old recipies | I love healthy.free range.organic.happy.GM-free.colourful. interseting.food | I love the Fresh Living, TASTE, and AVOCADO food magazines | I love inspiration of food  | I love trying new foods | I love my utensils for making food | and I pretty much worship food |

On the same note - i.LOVE.camembert cheese!

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Natalie said...

You totally Rock!- I absolutely LOVE your site - My mouth is watering and I feel totally inspired - Thanks for sharing. love from Nat

Foodelicious said...

Thanks Nat! So glad that I inspired someone :)

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LOVE caitlin