13 February 2011

RAMBLE: Valentines day with Miss-May

Champagne, cupcakes and clothes! Miss-May Clothing had an open house clothing sale with BEAUTIFUL dresses, skirts, bows, playsuits and vintage second hands... Abbi asked me to come along and make some Valentines themed cupcakes and biscuits.

My FAVOURITE marshmellow cupcakes with gooey marshmellow filling and cream cheese frosted red velvets...

Cute, pink shortbread hearts with meringue icing....

These fragrant lavender infused cupcakes are to DIE for...

08 February 2011

COLLEGE: Butternut quiche & Lemon tart

The two basic need to know pastries - sweet and savoury...

We made a butternut quiche using shortcrust pastry.

... and a lemon tart using the sweet crust pastry.

07 February 2011

COLLEGE: Kingklip en Papillote

En Papillote, "in parchment", it is a method of cooking usually fish or poultry in a folded pouch, pillow or parcel and then baked in the oven. The moisture from the food item, stock, wine, or water, is held in by the parcel, holding ALL the flavour in.

For our Kingklip en Papillote, we layered baby spinach, fennel bulb, onion, tomato, mushroom, topped with our filllet of Kingklip and a sprig of dill. To serve we made a creamy mousseline (veloute with cream).

04 February 2011

COLLEGE: Fruit Plate

I absolutely LOVE this fruit plate! We learned how to make a basic stock syrup used as a base for sorbet, poured over fruit will stop it from going brown... made a lemon sorbet, hot berry coulis and some basic sugar work.

03 February 2011

COLLEGE: Egg cookery

Eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs..... hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, eggs fried in butter, eggs fried in oil. Who knew there was such an art to the perfectly cooked egg?

02 February 2011


I have always flopped when making scones - usually ending up with flat little flying saucers. But after learning the basic principals of the rubbing in method = SUCCESS! The wholewheat raisin scones were delicious with jam and cream.