08 November 2010

RECIPE: Garlicy, lemony prawns

When it comes to prawns, I am always on the hunt for that all you can eat sign at the restaurant and could quite literally eat more than a kilo! However, I'm not such a fan of the fried factor - I try to avoid it at all costs! So, here's prawns, the way I LOVE it...

My FAMOUS prawns
Serves 2 or as many as you want on a platter

Marinade 800g of  whole deveined prawns in a ton of garlic, a glug of olive oil, loads of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a shake of Ina Parmans Rosemary and Olive Salt. I like to leave the heads on for flavour and shells on for crunch.

Lay the prawns out on a baking pan, pour the marinade over them and grill in the oven at 180C for 15min (or until pink). Or tip the prawns and marinade into a cast iron pot and cook on full for 5min (or until pink) - if there are too many to fit in the pot, cook half first. You will always hear people talking about floury over-cooked prawns... don't let this happen to you! The moment they start going pink, you've got about 1-2min left. If you are unsure of the cooking time, do one first and taste to discover the way YOU LIKE IT!

Serve with the sticky marinade - grab some baguette to mop up the juice!

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Colleen said...

Wonderful stuff. That looks like I could tuck right in hehe....do you marinade them for any particular length of time before you cook them?? Thanx for sharing xx

Juno said...

Lovely! Congratulations on your new blog, Caitlin.

tandysinclair.com said...

These are prawns just the way I like them!

Foodelicious said...

Thanks, they are really yummy... I have them often when doing a snoek on the braai accompanied by my moms DELICIOUS Thai inspired mussel pot.

@ Coleen. If I have enough time, I marinade them for about 6 hours - flip/baste them every now and then (you will notice the lemon juice will start to turn them pink). But if you decide to make them last minute - 15min will do the trick!

Marisa said...

Mmmmm - how can you go wrong with all that garlic-y goodness! I'll forward this recipe to my friend who is also a huge prawn slut.

Foodelicious said...

Garlic is ALWAYS a MUST :)

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